People Are Not Issues

When we make mistakes it is easy to see ourselves as the issue. When people point out our mistakes it is easy to get defensive or beat ourselves up. It is easy to see issues as the people themselves and that is what our society likes to do today, but it isn't about the people, it is about the issue.

My kids make mistakes, and when they do sometimes I get mad or disappointed. Often they feel hurt and will tell me that it feels like I don't like them. I tell them that I love them and that what I don't like is the choice they made. I'm not mad at them, I'm mad about their decisions

I think most parents think and feel the same way, yet when it comes to the people that we work with or go to school with, we think of them as the issue, when it really shouldn't be any different.

We need to start recognizing that people are people and issues are issues and treat each appropriately.


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