If It Helps The Organization Then Do It

On organization is made up of individuals, and those individual people, you and me, are what makes an organization successful. But only if our focus is in the right direction. When we get busy our natural fight or flight instincts take over and it becomes about survival, "I need to take care of my stuff, I don't have time to worry about anyone else." It isn't about butting in, it is about making sure you are focused on serving that of which you are a part of.

As an individual, your first priority is to figure out how you can best help your team be successful. Some days that means doing a task you don't like, or staying late because it will help the team get better. Next, as a team you need to figure out how to help make your department successful. Up through the layers of your organization you go, your organization might have 2 circles, or it might have 20. Each group or team you are a part of should be focused on how to help the next layer up be successful. If you are just inwardly focused on your team and protecting your turf the organization will suffer. You are busy already, but if you are willing to take on an extra hour of work each week that will save another team 5 hours of work each week that is where you see organizations find their stride. Of course, you need everyone to be on the same page because if you have one group that always takes but never gives to help out other teams then walls go up as you are no longer interested in helping someone else when they don't seem interested in helping you. But it has to start somewhere. Be the person and the team willing to start. Know what team you are ultimately a part of, it doesn't matter whose job it is as long as the job gets done right? Then stop fighting over whose job it is and just get the job done.


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