Who Do You Want To Follow?

Kenny Bell, a wide receiver for the Nebraska Cornhuskers football team had one of the greatest quotes I can remember hearing in some time in a recent post game press conference.
"I would play for Bo Pelini against Satan himself and a team of demons at the gates of the underworld."
You can read the full transcript at The Omaha World Harold. A little background is that there is a lot of heat on the head coach and some fans want him fired, like any portion of a crazed fan base seems to want these days, regardless of record or any other sensible measure. So of course after a tough loss the question these kids of course are asked is what they think of their coach, and the quote above was part of Kenny Bell's reaction.

What intrigues me so much is wondering how many people feel that way about their coach/manager/leader. We all have someone that we are accountable to, do they stir that commitment and passion inside of you to the point that you would follow them anywhere? 

If you don't have that connection, do you have a desire to some day find that? 

If you don't have the connection or the desire for the connection, are you worried? 

If you are not, I think you should be. We all should find such a passion inside. I believe that there is a fire within all of us but society so often tells us to just go with the flow, conform, be boring. In other words, we don't need your fire. But Kenny has found that, something he so passionately believes in that he will commit himself fully to make what he is a part of successful. I want that in my life, and you should too.


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